Moving my mother from a large assisted living facility to Stetson Premier Care was the smartest thing we did. Not only was she finally able to get the close, personal care she needed and deserved, but she received it in a loving and nurturing environment from caregivers who treated her like family. My highest recommendation.
Robert F.
My mom lived at Pleasant Valley Assisted Living for many years. When the Pescador family purchased her assisted living home, the care was second to none. The family owned business has a true sense of family and an understanding of their residents needs. My mom was an Alzheimer’s patient, and she was looked after, and cared for by the family and their staff as if she was their own family. The food and the care was the best. When she passed, they were there with me at her bedside. They understand the need of Alzheimer’s patients, as well as senior who can’t live on their own anymore. I can only say if you have a family member, or a friend, who cannot live on their own anymore, this is the place you want them to live at. They truly care about their residents. Thank you for the care my mom received from the entire Pescador family and their staff.
Adeline P.
The care my mother and father received at the West Wing Adult Care Home was simply outstanding!  The caregivers went above and beyond what I would have expected. They went that extra mile to see that my parents were safe, comfortable, and happy.  Living far away, as I do, I never had to worry about them. Thank you again to you and your team for your heartfelt care.  I really appreciated it.
Karen J.
If you are in the process of looking for a care home for a loved one, my heart goes out to you. It is not an easy thing to trust someone to take care of an elderly and fragile relative that you love; especially, when you don't have the means to do it yourself. I was in a quick situation to look for a care home for my Mom (she had a stroke & a hip replacement in the same month). It was emotionally draining touring care homes and looking for the right fit for my Mom. Until... I came to West Wing Adult Care Home... Right from the start, Leticia (one of the owners), was caring, loving, & understanding. She showed me her care homes and the options they offered to fit our financial needs. Right away, we moved my Mom in and they were just as genuine as the day I met them. I quickly befriended the care staff employees and enjoyed their company every time I visited my Mom. It felt like I was visiting my Mom in her own home but with more people to see & talk to. I was able to text anytime of day of day with concerns and questions. They were in constant communication with me, too. Holding my hand with decisions I now had to make with no experience (ie: personal supply vendors, medical care follow-up, transportation needs, notary, and so much more). West Wing Adult Care held my hand from beginning to end (yes, Hospice Care). I HIGHLY recommend West Wing Adult Care Home - they are trust worthy, caring, authentic, and do I dare say... FUN! We have wonderful memories of Holidays, Mother's Days, and any other "days" of hanging-out at West Wing Adult Care Home.
Theresa L.
We moved our mother into West Wing Adult Care Home in August of 2016. Alex and his parents Leticia and Luis are very tenderhearted people with a great deal of professionalism and knowledge. The caregiver staff truly cares about the residents and their families. Mom loves her home and so do we.
Susan D.
I am Canadian and my father had a massive stroke leaving him needing complete care and me not knowing how to care for him or where to send him. I looked at many care facilities and was unimpressed but needed to put my Dad somewhere, so when I saw Pleasant Valley it was an incredible difference and relief and I knew right away this is where I wanted my Dad. They have the most staff per resident, but most importantly Alex, Luis and Leticia really helped me during the most difficult time of my life and continue to do so, I am very grateful.  I am truly fortunate they are there and have made this impossibly difficult time of my Father and My life as easy as possible.  They care and they are always there, providing honest true care and companionship for my Father.  They are always talking to him and laughing with him, taking him to appointments and updating me on how he is while I am in Canada regularly.  I highly recommend this home. They are like friends and part of the family. Excellent people running an excellent home. Most importantly my Dad really likes it there, which is what matters most.
Jordon R.
Your family has established a great set of care home. It is evident that you all strive to maintain the very best of homes. Stetson Premier Care, where my mother lived, is always very clean, and your staff was very caring towards her. She also was personally maintained and very clean. In addition to my mother, the other Stetson clients seemed happy also. I would not hesitate to place another of my relatives under your care.
Roxane S.